We offer the following services:

Accounting Services

We prepare annual financial statements for companies, close corporations, trusts, sole traders, non- profit organisations and partnerships.

Auditing Services

Public companies, non profit organisations and co-operatives are required to prepared audited financial statements at the end of every financial year. We provide auditing services to ensure that our clients comply with the requirements of relevant legislation.

Taxation Services

Our services include tax returns for individuals (ITR12), businesses (ITR 14), provisional tax (IRP6), employees tax, dividend tax, donations tax, estate duty and value added tax. We also assist our clients with tax planning and estate planning.

Business Registrations

We register companies, co-operatives, non-profit organisations and trusts. Our services also include changes of names, directors and business rescue services.

Company Secretarial Services

Every registered company must submit annual returns to the registrar of companies every year. We assist our clients to ensure that they comply with the requirements of the Companies Act.

Strategic Management Consulting

Businesses operate in a very complex environment. Each of the business’s core areas which include marketing, finance, human resources, information technology and production has peculiar challenges which require a lot of attention to ensure that the business stays ahead of its competitors. We provide our clients with comprehensive strategic management models which will ensure that our clients continue to be market leaders in their business sectors.

Information Technology

Information technology is now a source of competitive advantage. We provide our clients with information technology services aimed at embracing latest advances in technology and reducing operating costs as far as attainable. Our services include software development, maintenance and upgrading and network services.

Corporate Finance Advisory Services

This includes evaluation of mergers and acquisitions, working capital policies, sourcing of capital, business re-organisations and capital structure decisions.